Matt Duss: The Alternate Reality of Linkage Deniers

The Center for American Progress’ Matt Duss has a piece up on Foreign Policy’s Middle East Channel. He points to the ample evidence in the WikiLeaks cables that Arab leaders see the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a serious impediment to… Continue Reading  

No Major Progress in P5+1 Negotiations, Attention Turns to Talks in Turkey Next Month

Barbara Slavin, writing for IPS, has a post-game analysis of the P5+1 talks that ended yesterday. She then looks at where the talks might be heading when they resume next month in Turkey. While one Western official who attended the… Continue Reading  

News Organizations Overstating U.S.-Arab Solidarity Against Iran

Malou Innocent, a foreign policy analyst at the Cato Institute, writes on The National Interest’s The Skeptics blog that commentators “buzzing” over the WikiLeaks revelations that some Arab leaders appear to be in favor of U.S. military action Iran are… Continue Reading