The Cost (To The U.S.) of Iran Sanctions

Flynt and Hillary Mann Leveretts’ blog, The Race For Iran, has had some excellent reflections on the recent Charlie Rose interview with Stuart Levey, Undersecretary of the Treasury for Financial and Terrorism Intelligence. (The full interview can  be viewed here.)… Continue Reading  

A Hopefully Final Word on Tony Blair’s Hawkish Book Tour

I imagine former British Prime Minsiter Tony Blair’s book tour must be winding down. He’s used almost every major appearance  to tout (as we’ve covered) his selective interpretation of history with regard to the latest Iraq War and his bellicose… Continue Reading  

Neocons Go After “Iran Lobby,” Again

This week saw the publication of a two-part hit piece in Tablet magazine purporting to expose the machinations of the “Iran lobby” in Washington. The author, Lee Smith, is apparently not the great baseball closer, but rather a former reporter… Continue Reading