YOLO Economics

by John Feffer The economy, we have been taught, is a cat with considerably more than nine lives. The bottom might drop out of the stock market, but it will rebound — again and again. The Chinese were on top… Continue Reading

How Sanctions Relief Can Help and Hurt the Iranian Economy

by Djavad Salehi-Isfahani Removal or relaxation of international sanctions will benefit Iran’s economy just as surely as they hurt it when they were imposed. But not all sanctions have the same effect, and removing some will have a faster impact… Continue Reading

The Arab Spring, Archaic Statist Laws and Entrepreneurship

As the Arab Spring turns two, job creation offers the key promise of success in post-autocratic societies. While other important lessons could be gleaned from the unprecedented Arab upheavals, economic growth is the most shining one. Unless Washington and other… Continue Reading