Between Fascists and Neoliberals, Ukraine Seeks Stable Leadership

by Derek Davison If you’re looking for a one sentence indicator about the state of post-Euromaidan Ukrainian politics, consider this: the man who is expected to win next month’s presidential election (assuming it actually takes place) is a billionaire chocolatier… Continue Reading

Obama to Ukraine: Love and Also Tough Love

by Robert E. Hunter When President Barack Obama meets Wednesday with the new Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk there are many things he must say regarding the crisis over Crimea. First is to reinforce some basic principles: that Ukraine’s sovereignty… Continue Reading

Ukraine Primer II: Developments Through March 9

by Derek Davison This is the second in a series of primers on the fast-moving situation in Ukraine, and covers events from March 2 through March 9. For more background on the situation, please see part 1. Summary of Recent… Continue Reading