Israeli Officials Acknowledge that Iran is Using Enriched Uranium for Medical Purposes

By Paul Mutter

Despite the misleading headline, which says Iran has a “nuclear weapons program” even though no reputable assessment exists to support that claim, Haaretz is reporting hat Israeli defense and intelligence officials have high confidence in an International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) finding that Iran’s enriched uranium is going into medical research:

Senior Israeli defense officials told Haaretz that “Iran has moved the wall back by eight months at least,” and Israel’s latest position is a consequence of this action.

Until recently, senior Israeli officials had said 2012 was the year of decision on Iran’s nuclear program, expressing concerns that Iran would soon be entering a “zone of immunity” in which it would be impervious to an Israeli attack. Their remarks suggested that Israel would have to attack independently before the end of this year, even without coordination with the United States.

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  1. Amazing, isn’t it, how the media will casually refer to a non-existent “Iranian nuclear weapons program” and yet will be scrupulously careful to only refer to an “alleged” Israeli nuclear weapons stockpile.

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