Israeli Mil. Intel chief: Iran bomb in one or two years

Well, the 2015 deadline didn’t last very long. Here’s the latest Israeli time-warp¬†exercise — walking back softened Iranian nuclear timelines. From Haaretz:

Iran will be able to achieve a nuclear bomb within one or two years, the incoming head of Israel’s Military Intelligence said Tuesday, but added that such a move would depend on the will of the Tehran leadership.

“The question is not when Iran will have the bomb. The question is how long it will take for an Iranian leader to decide to have the centrifuges start enriching at 90 percent,” Brigadier-General Aviv Kochavi told a meeting of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

Kochavi said he does not expect an Iranian leader to make such a decision in the next year out of a fear of harming the government, which is already paying an economic price over fear of their nuclear program.

Ali Gharib

Ali Gharib is a New York-based journalist on U.S. foreign policy with a focus on the Middle East and Central Asia. His work has appeared at Inter Press Service, where he was the Deputy Washington Bureau Chief; the Buffalo Beast; Huffington Post; Mondoweiss; Right Web; and Alternet. He holds a Master's degree in Philosophy and Public Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science. A proud Iranian-American and fluent Farsi speaker, Ali was born in California and raised in D.C.



  1. It is possible you’re misreading this, Ali.

    Kochavi is not detracting from, but adding to Dagan’s assessment. Dagan confirmed US intelligence estimates of 2015. Now, Kochavi is confirming, what US intelligence has said already, that Iran has not made a decision to go after a weapon.

    I wish I could understand how anyone can concede that there is no decision to go for nukes, but insist that Iran is hiding something.

  2. My theory is that all Israeli officials and politiicans are given a cheap electronic random number generator where you just press a button and it flashes up “Iran will have a nukular [sic] weapon in __ years.”

    Mossad’s most secret spooks are working feverishly on the iPad app version.

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