After the Aramco Attack: A Middle East One Step Closer to Its “1914 Moment”

by International Crisis Group For much of 2019, Crisis Group has warned that a trigger event could spark direct military confrontation between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, on one side, and Iran on the other, precipitating a regional conflagration. The… Continue Reading  

Saudi Oil Attacks Put U.S. Commitments to the Test

by James M. Dorsey Neither Saudi Arabia nor the United States is rushing to retaliate for a brazen, allegedly Iranian attack that severely damaged two of the kingdom’s key oil facilities. That is not to say that Saudi Arabia and/or… Continue Reading  

The Encirclement of Saudi Oil Production by Iran

by Jean-François Seznec The latest attacks on the Arab Gulf oil industry seems to be part of a strategy by Iran to warn the Gulf states that it can block all oil shipments, if it sees fit.

The Balance of Power Has Changed in Yemen

by Abdulaziz Kilani In the early morning hours of September 14, Saudi Arabian oil giant Aramco was the target of two apparent attacks. “At 4 am on Saturday morning, Aramco’s industrial security teams fought two fires in two of the… Continue Reading  

Attacks On Saudi Arabia’s Oil Installations Could Escalate Persian Gulf Tensions to Dangerous Levels

by Shireen T. Hunter Sautrday’s apparent drone attacks against Saudi Arabia’s oil installation at Abqaiq and its oil field at Khurais—both located in the kingdom’s predominantly Shia Eastern Province—have once more raised the political temperatures in the Persian Gulf. Reportedly,… Continue Reading