Bachmann thinks there’s a U.S. Embassy in Iran

A few weeks ago GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann bragged to Fox News that she hasn’t had any significant gaffes during her campaign. She was wrong then, later, and again today when she told a crowd in Iowa that if she was voted President of the United States, she would follow Britain’s lead and close the U.S. embassy in Tehran:

That’s exactly what I would do. We wouldn’t have an embassy in Iran. I wouldn’t allow that to be there.

Does closing a non-existent embassy count as fulfilling a political promise?

Yesterday the Washington Post evaluated Bachmann’s accuracy record during GOP debates and concluded that she has made “many inaccurate statements…sometimes repeatedly.”

Despite plummeting in the polls, Bachmann has guaranteed voters that she has the “backbone”  to put up “against any other candidate in the race.” Okay, fine, we’ll give her that. But does that make up for the fact that she doesn’t know about one of the most significant events in modern U.S. history?

Jasmin Ramsey

Jasmin Ramsey is a journalist based in Washington, DC.


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