The Consequences of Saudi Paranoia about Iran


by Shireen T. Hunter By militarily attacking Yemen, Saudi Arabia has committed its second aggression against a regional country in less than four years. The first was in Bahrain in 2011. This time, in addition to some Gulf Cooperation Council members,… Continue Reading  

Is Iran the Leader of a Shia International?


by Shireen Hunter The Shias of Yemen, who now control the capital city of Sanaa, are threatening to take political power by force if negotiations for a power-sharing agreement fail. These advances by the Zaidi Shias—variously known as the Houtis… Continue Reading  

Charlie Hebdo: Ending the Cycle of Violence


by Shireen T. Hunter The attack on the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, by Muslim extremists reportedly affiliated with or sympathizing with al-Qaeda, is symptomatic of the many ills afflicting Muslim immigrant communities in France and other… Continue Reading  

The Roots of Recurring Iranian-Pakistani Tensions


by Shireen T. Hunter In the past two weeks, relations between Tehran and Islamabad appear to have deteriorated again over border clashes and terrorist attacks in Iran’s Sistan and Baluchistan province located close to the Pakistani-Iranian border. Unlike past tensions,… Continue Reading  

US Policy Towards Iran Played Big Role in Rise of Sunni Extremism


by Shireen T. Hunter Throughout the recent handwringing about how the US and other Western countries failed to foresee the emergence of ISIS, one factor has been totally ignored, either intentionally or inadvertently: the impact of Washington’s hostility towards Iran,… Continue Reading