The Real Reason Why Saudi Arabia Executed Sheikh Nimr


by Shireen Hunter Saudi Arabia finally executed the elderly Shia cleric, Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, even though many Muslim and other religious leaders as well as the United Nations and a number of political leaders had urged—at least privately—Saudi Arabia… Continue Reading  

Will US Visa Waiver Bill Undermine JCPOA and Iran’s Economy?


by Shireen T. Hunter Those in Congress and elsewhere who oppose America’s nuclear agreement with Iran have not given up on their efforts to contain Iran and isolate it economically and politically, which has been US policy toward Iran at… Continue Reading  

Muslim Radicalization in Europe: Roots and Resolution


by Shireen Hunter The November 13 bombings in Paris by a number of Muslim radicals suspected of having links to the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) has once again focused attention on the challenge posed to the security of many… Continue Reading  

Will Russia and Iran Finally Tie the Knot?

Rouhani_and_Putin_CICA_summit_2014_1 (1)

by Shireen Hunter Despite its slogan of “Neither East Nor West, only Islamic Republic” and its labeling of the USSR as the “little Satan,” the Islamic Republic of Iran from its very early days viewed the USSR and the other… Continue Reading  

How to Prevent Hardliners From Turning Iran into Another North Korea


by Shireen Hunter It is no secret that Iran’s hardliners have been unhappy about the successful completion of nuclear negotiations between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany. Iran has always maintained that it… Continue Reading