The politics of the surge beyond Iraq

A Guest Post by Daniel Luban The current U.S. strategy in Afghanistan is based, in large part, on bringing to bear on the Taliban the “Awakening” strategy used in Iraq. The Awakenings, of course, were the process by which former… Continue Reading  

Michael Rubin Should Explain

Does Michael Rubin, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), editor of Middle East Quarterly (published by fellow-hawk Daniel Pipes’ Middle East Forum), and former consultant to Donald Rumsfeld, the Office of Special Plans (OSP), and the Coalition Provisional… Continue Reading  

Jeffrey Goldberg’s War Redux

A Guest Post by Daniel Luban Is there a more frustrating journalist than Jeffrey Goldberg? From his various perches at the New Yorker, New Republic, and now the Atlantic, Goldberg has shown himself to be a talented writer and has… Continue Reading  

Yes, Virginia, David Brooks is a Neo-Con

Unlike his friend and former New York Times columnist, Bill Kristol, David Brooks consistently writes very well, often chooses interesting issues to write about, and is sometimes very insightful in a pop-sociological sort of way. Like his television persona, his… Continue Reading  

Wild for Wilders

A Guest Post by Eli Clifton: Far-right Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders continues to make regular appearances in the United States despite his—and a number of his American sponsors’—links to the controversial Flemish nationalist party Vlaams Belang (VB) in Belgium. We… Continue Reading