The Lawfare Project’s Interesting Roommates

Phil Weiss has been doing some great research on Columbia Law School dean David Schizer’s “Lawfare Project.”  The group has an upcoming conference in March—which looks to be a Goldstone-bashing-fest judging by its list of speakers—but has been very quiet about who actually founded, or belongs to, the project.

Yesterday, Phil passed along the information that the website’s domain name was registered by Roslyn Singer of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, a group which serves as a hub for the Israel Lobby.

They characterize themselves as, “a central address for key American, Israeli and other world leaders to consult on issues of critical concern to the Jewish community.”

An interesting connection for the Lawfare Project to choose not to disclose, but a closer examination of their domain name and webhosting reveal a number of additional links.

I looked up the Lawfare Project’s domain name using the Robtex tool.  It showed the domain name shares an IP address with:


The Children’s Rights Institute is a group which claims to advocate for the human rights of all children but, “has a special focus on the incitement and recruitment of children to become suicide bombers, child soldiers and human shields.”

No mention of the suffering of children in Gaza, so I suppose that says something about where the group’s biases lay.

Shimshon Hi-Tech says they seek “to improve the Hi-Tech atmosphere in the Beit Shemesh region.”  Beit Shemesh is a city in Israel’s Jerusalem District. seem a little more difficult to explain, but the right-wing New York Sun sharing an IP address with the Lawfare Project remains an interesting coincidence.

It’s important to note that there are some very big hosting services which will have hundreds, if not thousands, of domain names pointing to an IP address.  But in this case, the limited number of domain names suggests that there is a link between the websites.


Commenter “Sky7i” points out at that both the Children’s Rights Institute and The Lawfare Project list Brooke Goldstein as their director.

Goldstein is described on the Children’s Rights Institute website as, “a New York based attorney, activist, author and award-winning filmmaker.”

Eli Clifton

Eli Clifton reports on money in politics and US foreign policy. He is a co-founder of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. Eli previously reported for the American Independent News Network, ThinkProgress, and Inter Press Service.



  1. There’s definitely a link between this “Lawfare” site and “Children’s Rights Institute” (which has the audacity to quote Nelson Mandela on its About page, incidentally). Not only do they share the same IP address and the same HTML templates, they share the same Director:
    Brooke Goldstein – Founder and Director of CRI
    [email protected]
    The Project is directed by Brooke Goldstein, a human rights attorney and award-winning filmmaker based out of New York City. [email protected]

    Kind of sickening that this ‘human rights attorney’ so concerned about brainwashed children is willing to support the deliberate murder and siege of the same innocent children.

  2. God, you are relentless. There must be a helluva lot of Jews out there who hate your guts. I can’t begin to tell you how much I admire people like you who will stand up and tell their own: “This is wrong.”

  3. RE: “There Must Be A Helluva Lot Of Jews Out There Who Hate Your Guts.” – Harrison
    MY COMMENT: Yes, they must be ‘gluttons for punishment’ in the honorable tradition of I.F. Stone, Daniel Ellsberg, Sy Hersh, etc. It takes exceptional courage to ‘speak truth’ to powerful ‘kin’. KUDOS!

  4. They are heros!
    Being called an anti semite for pointing out Israel’s insanity in Palestine is bad but if you are a Jew yourself criticizing Israel it’s even worse.
    So here’s to them..

    “WHO is the happy Warrior?
    Who is he That every man in arms should wish to be?

    More skilful in self-knowledge, even more pure,
    As tempted more; more able to endure,
    As more exposed to suffering and distress;
    Thence, also, more alive to tenderness.
    –‘Tis he whose law is reason; who depends
    Upon that law as on the best of friends;
    Whence, in a state where men are tempted still
    To evil for a guard against worse ill,
    And what in quality or act is best
    Doth seldom on a right foundation rest,
    He labours good on good to fix, and owes
    To virtue every triumph that he knows:

    –Who, if he rise to station of command,
    Rises by open means; and there will stand
    On honourable terms, or else retire,
    And in himself possess his own desire;
    Who comprehends his trust, and to the same
    Keeps faithful with a singleness of aim;
    And therefore does not stoop, nor lie in wait
    For wealth, or honours, or for worldly state;

    But who, if he be called upon to face
    Some awful moment to which Heaven has joined
    Great issues, good or bad for human kind,

    Is happy as a Lover; and attired
    With sudden brightness, like a Man inspired;
    And, through the heat of conflict, keeps the law
    In calmness made, and sees what he foresaw;
    Or if an unexpected call succeed,
    Come when it will, is equal to the need:

    ‘Tis, finally, the Man, who, lifted high,
    Conspicuous object in a Nation’s eye,
    Or left unthought-of in obscurity,–
    Who, with a toward or untoward lot,
    Prosperous or adverse, to his wish or not–
    Plays, in the many games of life, that one
    Where what he most doth value must be won:
    Whom neither shape of danger can dismay,

    Who, whether praise of him must walk the earth
    For ever, and to noble deeds give birth,
    Or he must fall, to sleep without his fame,
    And leave a dead unprofitable name–
    Finds comfort in himself and in his cause;
    And, while the mortal mist is gathering, draws
    is breath in confidence of Heaven’s applause:

    This is the happy Warrior; this is He
    That every Man in arms should wish to be.

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