The Best Laid Plans

How Quickly Will the U.S. Leave Afghanistan? By Tom Engelhardt via Tom Dispatch In the wake of several deaths among its contingent of troops in a previously peaceful province in Afghanistan, New Zealand (like France and South Korea) is now expediting the departure of… Continue Reading  

Blown Away

How the U.S. Fanned the Flames in Afghanistan By Tom Engelhardt and Nick Turse Posted by Tom Dispatch Is it all over but the (anti-American) shouting — and the killing?  Are the exits finally coming into view? Sometimes, in a moment, the… Continue Reading  

Scamming Washington: Exclusive Letters from the ScamiLeaks Archives

Reposted by arrangement with Tom Dispatch By Tom Engelhardt [Note to Readers: Who hasn’t received one — or 100 — of those “Nigerian” letters offering you, in florid prose, millions of potential dollars and with nary a catch in sight? … Continue Reading