More Evidence of Neo-Con Influence on McCain

McCain‘s surrogates, Max Boot and Richard Williamson, told a gathering of the hawkish Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) in Virgina last weekend that the Republican candidate, if elected, would not become actively engaged in Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts and discourage Israeli-Syrian peace efforts, according to an important article by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency’s excellent Ron Kampeas. Consistent with my last post, Abrams’ influence on both McCain positions is apparent.

As noted by Kampeas, Williamson’s endorsement of those positions “signified how closely the McCain campaign has allied itself with neo-conservatives.” Frankly, the position of those foreign-policy realists who have endorsed McCain and who, according to the mainstream media, are supposed to be advising him — I’m thinking of James Baker or Richard Armitage as examples — is becoming increasingly untenable in this campaign.

Jim Lobe

Jim Lobe served for some 30 years as the Washington DC bureau chief for Inter Press Service and is best known for his coverage of U.S. foreign policy and the influence of the neoconservative movement.



  1. No surprise that McCain is the neocons’ candidate. The question is: does one root for a McCain victory, so that the next four years will reveal to all the utter bankruptcy of the neocon world view? Or does one root for Obama, who if elected will be blamed by the neocons for spoiling the perfect world that they would otherwise have built? Truly a conundrum.

  2. neither matters, we will be bankrupt in no time. We can’t wage war against our creditors, if we attack Iran it will economically ruin us. We won’t be able to help Israel. I had thought that the Baby Boomer’s retirement would precipitate this collapse, but the Paulsen powergrab will do it sooner.

    If we bail out Wall Street, foreign money will flee the dollar which is retreating apace already. We are in a $500 B. budget deficit. That is essentially our entire Pentagon budget, or our entire debt service. Once foreigners stop funding this we will have a crisis for real, for real.

    Now, I don’t imagine that our lawmakers will kill the Pentagon. Think about it, we have the weakest lobby between the finaciers, the Warmongers and Entitlements. But, this bail out proposal has shown Americans that the lunch is naked. If the pitchforks aren’t being sharpened now, they’re being dug out of the sheds and garages.

    The greatest threat to this country is economic implosion. Washington and the Media are in denial, while FINALLY main street is waking up to this.

    Jim, I hope you were shopping real estate whilst in Europe. I am indeed making plans to move abroad. My grandfather dismissed my fears a few years back with the old refrain, “love it or leave it.” I was recently able to point out to him that he should have moved his money to Europe a few years back. Now, he thinks me not so alarmist, or anti-American. It’s the “PATRIOTS” who are actively betraying this country.

  3. What an interesting conundrum indeed. While basically agreeing with Scott on the eventual outcome, in the long-term I think it does matter who gets in. I am rooting for McCain for the reasons given by Jon Harrison. It is just to be hoped that this madman’s finger is kept off the nuclear trigger when Rome starts to burn.

  4. Ah…the candle burns at both ends, it’s flame is lovely and bright, but oh my friends and ah my foes it will not last the night.

    America, the one my ancestors fought and died for it, is over.

    And no I am not being alarmist, just looking at the facts and the trend. A war of lies, regime changes for the sake of regimes changes, going to Afghan where countries go to disappear into the bottom less pit, bailing out the WS bubble and WS companies, that are as I type this under FBI investigation for financial fruad and which congress was informed of 2 weeks ago…….black is white, wrong is right, up is down.

    Government of, by and for ‘the parties’, government of by and for foreign interest, government of by and for WS….all stupid, corrupt and incompetent at the same time.

    To accurately describe what has happen to us would sound like a comical black humor soap opera.

    But I am not leaving…I am waiting till it all falls down..and hoping then the public will march to DC, disembowel the criminals, string them up on lampost and leave their corpses there for further generations of high school civics student to view.

  5. Nice to know that Americans are not all following along with the herd. However, does it not occur to you that in Europe, it makes little difference who is elected? Both candidates are warmongers. Both candidates wish to use NATO to bolster the USA’s overstretched military from pre-emptive strikes.

    American blogs are all the same. It’s the ME ME and ME perspective. I would like to see something that indicates that more informed Americans actually care about the damage their country has done to the lives of non’americans.


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