Jim Lobe discusses Obama, Israel, AIPAC and Iran on the Real News

As expected, Iran has been the top issue at this year’s American Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference. The leading pro-Israel lobby has been pushing for harsher measures against the Islamic Republic for years and have seen the fruits of their efforts most effectively materialize in 2011 and 2012 with the adoption of the harshest sanctions ever by the Obama administration, not to mention an increasingly hawkish trend sweeping through Congress. But after all the pressure from the Israelis and pro-Israel advocates on Obama to move his “red line” from preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon to preventing it from obtaining nuclear weapon capability, did he deliver during his Sunday speech at AIPAC? Listen in for Jim’s analysis.

Jasmin Ramsey

Jasmin Ramsey is a journalist based in Washington, DC.


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  1. Iran couldn’t build a nuclear weapon even if it wanted to as as the uranium hexafluoide conversion plant at Isfahan cannot produce pure UF6. Iran’s centrifuge feedstock is so contaminated with molybdenum, vanadium and other oxyfluoides that it could never produce bomb-grade HEU, a minor point missing in the current hysteria.

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