Dershowitz, Aslan & Perry debate Israel vs. Gaza on CNN

Mark Perry — who recently explained that the “chance for calm” has been assassinated by Israel in the past — on the current potential for a ceasefire (via CNN’s transcript):

MARK PERRY, MIDDLE EAST EXPERT: I would have said six hours ago if you had asked me that I thought that a cease-fire was quite possible and that the principles were in place for a cease-fire. But as Arwa Damon said at the top of your broadcast that the two sides now seem to be drifting apart.

Listen, I think the principles for a cease-fire are in place. An end to the siege, that’s what Hamas wants. An end to the siege of the targeting of their leadership. What does Israel want? Israel wants Hamas to stop firing rockets, especially the Fajr-5 and the Fajr-3 long-range rockets, at their populations.

Certainly there’s a good exchange there. But what it’s going to take is Egyptians or somebody, Egyptians are going to be it, providing the security and the guarantees on such — on such an agreement. That’s very hard for the Egyptians to do. They don’t want to be responsible for Gaza. So we’re going to have to provide — somebody is going to have to provide inducement for them to do so. I think that’s the broad outlines of a cease-fire. A long-term cease-fire. And I think it’s very doable.

Jasmin Ramsey

Jasmin Ramsey is a journalist based in Washington, DC.


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  1. Dershowitz attempts to win his case on CNN by lying. His mouth is moving so he is surely lying.

    There is no civilian “area” in densely packed most populated place on the planet, Gaza.

    Reza Aslan is so right…..the entire ‘conflict’ is brought out of a hat by the israelis before their elections….muscle flexing…and so they murder children with impunity. We watched all this before…..End the SIEGE…

    viva Palestina!

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