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  1. It’s THOM Hartmann!

    Interesting read about the Transitional National Council (TNC) on Wikipedia:
    Mohammad Jabril, head of the TNC, is the LAST person rebels would choose to head their movement: “He taught strategic planning at Pittsburgh for several years, and has published 10 books on strategic planning and decision-making, including Imagery and Ideology in U.S. Policy Toward Libya, 1969–1982…

    The Executive Board was sacked en masse by decision of the NTC on 8 August over its sluggish response to the assassination of General Abdul Fatah Younis, Benghazi’s top commander.[17] Jibril was asked to form a new board subject to the council’s approval.[18] Though Jibril will stay on as the board’s chairman, a spokesman for the NTC said he would be required to spend less time out of the country.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahmoud_Jibril

    This raises a LOT of questions, such as
    “Who selected the executive board?”
    “Was it Libyan rebels, or a consortium Saudi, British, French and American power brokers?”
    “Was the August 8 sacking really an internal coup, sponsored by outside interests?”

  2. Some clarifications to my prior post–

    The new head of the Libyan rebel movement was a strategic planner, and apparently knew nothing about war or of leading rebel movements…hmmm

    He was selected only 10 days ago, when everyone else got fired. This suggests an orderly, coordinated action, not characteristic of a rebel movement in crisis, focused on pursuing the fight.

    The whole thing reeks of coordinated, outside intervention, largely divorced from involvement of the Libyan people.

  3. Ali Gharib on video! The hair, the entire look . . . is it 1971 again? Although he wasn’t even born then, I was transported back in time through watching him. What about those bags under the eyes? And such a young man, too! Just what might he have been imbibing the night before???

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