Dennis Ross Caught Between Obama and Netanyahu

With Ali Gharib In the ongoing showdown between the Obama administration and Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, White House Middle East strategist Dennis Ross appears to be the man caught in the no-man’s land between the White House and the Israel Lobby.… Continue Reading  

Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, Afghanistan as a Drug War

Reprinted with permission of Introduction by Tom Engelhardt of TomDispatch By Alfred McCoy Posted on March 30, 2010 A front-page New York Times article by Rod Nordland on the aftermath of a recent U.S. Marine offensive in Helmand Province,… Continue Reading  

Marc Thiessen Finally Sours On Torture

It was with some disappointment that I read today’s new column from Marc Thiessen, the former George W. Bush speechwriter, new Washington Post columnist, and noted waterboarding enthusiast. After all, the previous day had seen the arrests of nine people… Continue Reading  

AEI Fires David Frum

With Jim Lobe The ubiquitous right-wing media personality David Frum parted ways with his home base organization this week. The former George W. Bush speechwriter — who is most famous or notorious for his “Axis of Evil” formulation in the… Continue Reading  

When Was the Last Time You Visited Iraq? Exporting American Democracy to the World

Reprinted with permission of Recently, I wrote about a crew of pundits and warrior-journalists eager not to see the U.S. military leave Iraq.  That piece appeared on the op-ed page of the Los Angeles Times (and in alonger version at… Continue Reading