Rush and The ADL: The Controversy Which Isn’t

In a bizarre permutation of traditional political alliances, Abe Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, is catching flack from his usual allies on the right for calling out Rush Limbaugh’s anti-Semitic slurs last week. By taking on the… Continue Reading  

Friedman Beat Goldstone to Gaza/Lebanon Comparison

I’m glad to see that Mondoweiss is posting relevant pieces of the Goldstone Report chunk-by-chunk — bite-sized morsels from the hundreds of pages of documents in the full report. But we didn’t need Goldstone to confirm that the Israel Defense… Continue Reading  

Islamophobia: Bad For The Jews

Continuing on the subject of Eli’s last post, it might be worthwhile to examine in more depth the burgeoning alliance between right-wing supporters of Israel and the European far right. The importance of this topic was driven home by the… Continue Reading  

Daniel Pipes steps out of the closet… as an Islamophobe

Today, Daniel Pipes. the controversial columnist who has had to defend himself more than once against charges that he was an Islamophobe, put to rest any doubts about his feelings towards Muslims in his National Review column, ‘’Why I Stand… Continue Reading  

Media Falling Down on Gitmo “Suicides”

I hope that anyone who has not already done so will read Scott Horton’s important piece in Harper’s investigating the cover-up of the 2006 deaths of three Guantanamo detainees, deaths which were publicly reported as suicides. (Or, in the Strangelovian… Continue Reading