J Street Honoree Makes The Group’s Mission Clear

By Eli Clifton J Street’s inaugural conference ended last night with a show-stopping speech by Victor Kovner. Kovner is a New York attorney, one of J Street’s initial backers and the recipient of the new group’s ‘’Pursuer of Peace’’ award.… Continue Reading  

Iranian-American Dual Loyalty?

By Daniel Luban The campaign against J Street has contained a fair amount of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigotry, epitomized by former AIPAC staffer Lenny Ben-David’s attack on any J Street donors unfortunate enough to have Arab names. Now comes a… Continue Reading  

The War on J Street

By Daniel Luban As the dovish pro-Israel lobby J Street prepares for its first conference next week, a familiar array of Likudniks and neocons has mobilized to destroy it. The anti-J Street campaign has marked something of a watershed for… Continue Reading  

Bolton suggests nuclear attack on Iran

By Daniel Luban This Friday, the American Enterprise Institute will host an event addressing the question “Should Israel attack Iran?” The event includes, among others, Iran uberhawk Michael Rubin and infamous “torture lawyer” John Yoo, but the real star is… Continue Reading  

Liz Cheney and Tom Friedman Agree: Give the U.S. Military the Nobel

One of the most notable developments surrounding the debate about the Nobel Committee’s decision to award Obama its peace prize has been the apparently spontaneous agreement by both Tom Friedman and Liz Cheney that the president should make the occasion… Continue Reading