Haaretz leaks government settlement database

A Guest Post by Daniel Luban: Earlier this week, I reported on the marked expansion in West Bank settlement construction in 2008, as documented in a just-released Peace Now report. This expansion occurred despite Ehud Olmert’s pledge at the beginning… Continue Reading  

Elliott Abrams to Parachute to Council on Foreign Relations

I guess this is breaking news on which I hope to have more to write later (I have a deadline on reporting Obama’s greenhouse-related announcements today), but I just confirmed that Elliott Abrams, Special Assistant to the President and Senior… Continue Reading  

Pat Lang Weighs in Against Ross

Ret. Col. Pat Lang, a former top Pentagon Middle East and South intelligence analyst, has weighed in very strongly against the prospective appointment of Dennis Ross to be the Obama administration’s special envoy on Iran on his blog which, while… Continue Reading  

Parsing Obama’s Words on Mitchell Appointment

Intelligence analysts and diplomats must be poring over Obama’s carefully scripted remarks today at the State Department where he confirmed the appointment of Sen. George Mitchell as Special Envoy for the Middle East for clues as to precisely where U.S.… Continue Reading  

Good for Roger Cohen

The New York Times‘ Roger Cohen weighs in on Obama’s proposed Middle East team, and he’s not enthusiastic, to say the least. I think it’s very significant that the behind-the-scenes concern about Ross (and the other more or less conventional… Continue Reading