And Helena Cobban,

whose blog on Middle East politics,, is consistently among the very best, informed as it is by decades of on-the-ground reporting (mostly for the Christian Science Monitor) and analytical expertise. I refer in particular to her analysis Sunday of… Continue Reading  

Read Daniel Levy on Gaza

You can find his analysis on why Americans should care about what has been happening in Gaza these last 48 hours here. One hopes Obama might have a look at it, too. Also well worth reading are the latest by… Continue Reading  

Neo-Cons Still Busy on Iran

While no doubt demoralized, the neo-conservative hawks at American Enterprise Institute (AEI) will be continuing their efforts for a major U.S. confrontation with Iran. They’ve scheduled an all-day briefing on “The Imam Returned: Thirty Years of Revolution in Iran” for… Continue Reading  

“Ross vs. Kurtzer”

Scott McLeod at Time sums up the key battle, as I understand it, over who (Dennis Ross vs. Dan Kurtzer) will get the Israel-Palestinian (and possibly -Arab) portfolio in the Obama administration and the case against Ross in his Dec… Continue Reading  

More Neo-Con Wisdom From the Journal

In a characteristically obtuse, barely coherent and typically self-serving and –centered op-ed published Saturday, former Pentagon policy chief, Douglas Feith calls on Obama to build on Feith’s chairmanship of the U.S.-India Defense Policy Group (DPG) to “intensify strategic cooperation with… Continue Reading