Surprise: Sharansky Endorses McCain; Calls Obama “Risk”

True to his benefactor’s wishes, Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies Chairman Anatol Sharansky today endorsed John McCain for president, calling Sen. Obama a “risk” for Israel. Sharansky, an old pal of Richard Perle’s as well as a beneficiary of multi-billionaire… Continue Reading  

‘Left Behind’ and that McCain Ad

Having read and even reviewed (rather unfavorably) the first book in the thoroughly anti-semitic “Left Behind” series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, I found this analysis of the recent McCain ad on Obama as “The One” pretty persuasive. It… Continue Reading  

Ignatius Concludes Bombing “Not Likely”

Citing most of the same evidence that I have written about over the past few weeks, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, whose access to key policymakers (outside of Vice President Dick Cheney’s office) is second to no other Washington daily… Continue Reading  

Update on Gaffney Cross’ Policy Forum

A brief update on Devon Gaffney Cross’ Policy Forum on International Security ( whose cozy, off-the-record briefings by senior Pentagon officials, fellow-neo-cons and fellow members of the Defense Policy Board (DPB) for select British and European reporters in exclusive clubs… Continue Reading