Horowitz Announces “Stop the Jihad on Campus Week”

From my former colleague, Eli Clifton: David Horowitz is continuing his crusade against alleged “left wing bias” on college campuses with an “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week part III“. The event, scheduled to take place October 13-17, has the primary objective of… Continue Reading  

Palin and “the transcendant issue our time”

John McCain has repeatedly defined “the battle and struggle against radical Islamic extremism” as “the transcendent issue of our time.” If he’s correct, of course, one would expect his chosen running-mate to have said something publishable about the issue since… Continue Reading  

The Ledeen Move

I was really surprised by the news, first reported by Laura Rozen on her blog on Mother Jones, that Michael Ledeen, who had been under Richard Perle’s wing at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) for some 20 years, has moved… Continue Reading  

Two Articles on Georgia Crisis Well Worth Reading

I’m still on vacation but, like everyone else, have been quite amazed at the ongoing Georgia crisis, particularly the failure so far of the administration and the campaigns of the two presidential candidates to absorb its potential significance and the… Continue Reading  

On Vacation

For most of the rest of this month. Very light, if any, posting.