Ledeen: It’s 1938-1941, Hitler is Hezbollah, al Qaeda, Iranian Khomeinists, Saudi Wahabis, Etc.

Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal editorial page is as hard-line as ever, today featuring a lengthy and by now familiar meditation by AEI “Freedom Scholar” and perennial intrigue entrepreneur Michael Ledeen on “Iran and the Problem of Evil.” Actually, the headline… Continue Reading  

McClatchy Digs Deeper Into Pentagon-Ghorbanifar Meetings

For additional analysis of Thursday’s Senate Intelligence Committee report on the Pentagon-Manucher Ghorbanifar meetings in Europe in 2001 and 2003, see John Walcott’s article published Friday by McClatchy, “Did Iranian Agents Dupe Pentagon Officials?” Among other things, Walcott notes that… Continue Reading  

More on Luttwak

Much more on Luttwak’s history from Laura Rozen of the indispensable www.warandpiece.com.

Most Americans Want Presidential Dialogue With Foes

Just as Sen. John McCain once again went after Sen. Barack Obama for his willingness to engage Iran and other members of the axis of evil — before AIPAC’s annual policy conference here, no less — the Gallup organization, as… Continue Reading  

AIPAC’s in Town, and the Line-Up is Hawkish

Monday morning marks the formal opening of the annual three-day policy conference of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) which, according to AIPAC’s press announcement of the event, is “consistently ranked as the most influential foreign policy lobbying organization on… Continue Reading