Briefly Updating Boot

In a feature article entitled “We Are Winning. We Haven’t Won.” in this week’s Weekly Standard, Max Boot elaborates on his assessment of the Surge based on his recent sojourn in Iraq. It turns out that he and Bing West,… Continue Reading  

More Neo-Con Military Advice

While one swallow does not a spring make, a seemingly off-hand remark in a post by Max Boot in Commentary’s blog, ‘Contentions’, last week about Gen. David Petraeus’ possible promotion to Supreme Allied Commander at NATO struck me as at… Continue Reading  

Freedom’s Watch and “Strong Supporters of Israel”

In an article that expands our knowledge base about the anything-but-grassroots “Freedom’s Watch” (about which I have posted here and here), Paul Kane and Jonathan Weisman wrote about its ambitions — among other things, to raise $250 million this year… Continue Reading  

Gates Again Undermines the Hawks

Defense Secretary Robert Gates offered still more evidence this past week that he has become the most important actor in steering the Bush administration’s foreign policy toward a more realist course, particularly with respect to the Middle East and Iran.… Continue Reading  

Anti-Iran Coalition in the Gulf? Read This.

If President George W. Bush’s main purpose in visiting the Gulf last week — as indicated by his call in Abu Dhabi last Sunday to confront Iran “before it is too late” — was to rally Washington’s Sunni-led regional allies,… Continue Reading