A Remarkable Presentation by Zbigniew Brzezinski

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s keynote address on June 12 at the America in the World Conference sponsored by the Center for American Progress was quite a remarkable analysis on the subject of “National Insecurity and Global Security”.  Its point of departure was… Continue Reading  

Perle Prefers Military Intervention to Islamic Party Election Sweep in Turkey

While neo-conservatives continue to insist that they believe in democratization throughout the Islamic world (most recently at their “Democracy & Security” conference in Prague where President Bush himself gave a rousing speech on the issue), their sincerity on the question,… Continue Reading  

Wall Street Journal Explains Bahamas Conference

Thanks are due to the Wall Street Journal where Bret Stephens mentioned our blog posts in his column today.  Although Stephens avoids referring to LobeLog by name, he does cite an unidentified “internet sleuth” who broke the story about an… Continue Reading  

On the Palestinian Crisis

If you’re interested in and alarmed about how the Bush administration and its neo-conservative supporters contributed to the current crisis in the Palestinian Territories, there is probably nothing as clear and concise out there as Friday’s analysis, from which the… Continue Reading  

More on That Meeting in Prague…

A closer look at the participants list at the Prague Democracy and Security conference that was the subject of my last post discloses some intriguing associations that I had not noticed at first glance but which may warrant additional attention.… Continue Reading