The Pentagon’s “Early Bird” Changes…

The Pentagon’s “Early Bird”, a computerized daily compilation of dozens of defense- related articles from the U.S. and some from the foreign press that is widely distributed across the national-security bureaucracy, appears to be in a state of serious transition… Continue Reading  

Cheney on Iran-Contra

In light of the new disclosures about Vice President Dick Cheney’s modus operandi in the ‘Washington Post,’ particularly the allusions to his indifference to public or Congressional opinion, his quotation from almost exactly 20 years ago on the significance of… Continue Reading  

Neo-Cons Make Gains on the Public-Diplomacy Front

As my colleague, Khodi Akhavi, points out today in an article entitled “Neo-Cons Spinning Hearts and Minds,” neo-conservatives are gaining greater control over the U.S. public diplomacy even as they have lost influence in other parts of the national-security bureaucracy.… Continue Reading  

The Video Graphics Adorning the Weekly Standard’s Website this Week

Are more compelling than usual and serve as a reminder that Bill Kristol’s notions of “national greatness” and a “New American Century” are funded and promoted by more than Rupert Murdoch and pro-Likud activists and their Christian Zionist fellow-travellers. Presumably… Continue Reading  

Democrat-Led House Lays Legal Groundwork for Korea-Style Bases in Iraq

It seems the Democratic-led House of Representatives Thursday approved an amendment that, contrary to the leadership’s intention, lays the legal groundwork for a protracted – if not “permanent” — U.S. military presence in Iraq. During debate on the 2008 Foreign… Continue Reading