Breaking the Army

President Bush’s ongoing “surge” of some 35,000 troops to add to the 140,000 already deployed in Iraq is highlighting growing concern, particularly among the military brass, that the U.S. army is overstretched and fast becoming “broken”.

Elliott Abrams and Déjà Vu All Over Again

 It has an all too familiar ring to it.  A crisis area — in this case, the Middle East — finds itself in desperate need of a peace process capable of tamping down the forces of violence and destabilisation which… Continue Reading  

Public Anxiety Over Foreign Policy Nears Crisis

Increasingly anxious about the course of U.S. foreign policy under President George W. Bush, particularly in Iraq, the country appears to be moving toward a “full-blown crisis of public confidence,” according to the latest “Confidence in U.S. Foreign Policy” survey… Continue Reading