Jennifer Rubin: North Korea Holds “the world hostage” and Stuxnet Promotes “A Lacksadasical Attitude”

The Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin, who has been attending the Herzliya Conference, has been displaying a striking vitriol for anyone who suggests that the Iranian nuclear program is anything less than an immediate existential threat to Israel. Today, her “Right Turn”… Continue Reading

Washington Post Asked to Account for Jennifer Rubin’s Latest Outburst

We here at LobeLog have been critical of The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin for her use of negative labels to describe her political opponents (e.g. complaining that American Jews have a “sick addiction” to the Democratic party), her factual distortions about… Continue Reading

Neoconservative Bloggers Continue Offensive Against HSBC’s Sanctions Busting… Ad

Blogger Alana Goodman, writing for Commentary‘s Contentions blog, and Jennifer Rubin, blogging for The Washington Post, are continuing their offensive against HSBC for daring to incorporate a statistic about women filmmakers in Iran into a recent advertisement. Both Rubin and Goodman… Continue Reading

The Attack on HSBC’s Factoid about Iranian Filmmakers

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin has added her voice to the neoconservative uproar over the recent HSBC ad, which contains a factoid about Iran’s film industry. The ad, which Ali has already dissected on this blog, makes the relatively innocuous… Continue Reading