O’Reilly and Milbank Both Wrong About Reporting Iran

There’s an interesting little spat brewing between Fox News blowhard Bill O’Reilly and Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank. Now, I usually like Milbank’s stuff alright — he often makes me laugh (or cry) by detailing hypocrisy in Washington and his old pool… Continue Reading  

Humor as Propaganda (con’t): Goldberg on Colbert

I recently wrote a piece on humor as war propaganda for AlterNet. With that story in mind, I’d like to point you to an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg on yesterday’s episode of the “Colbert Report” with satirist Stephen Colbert. The… Continue Reading  

Iran and Humor as War Propaganda

I’ve got an only slightly off-topic, long piece up at AlterNet describing a few historical and current examples where humor has served to soften up a domestic audience for attacking another country. You can click through to read it, but… Continue Reading