CPAC’s Islamophobia-Friendly Film Screening Schedule

While Frank Gaffney might be concerned that the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has “come under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood,” a list of the films to be screened at the event would suggest that Gaffney’s brand of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim fear-bating will be on full display.

The CPAC agenda has not yet been formally released but a file posted by Citizens United to Scribd, a document sharing service, lists the “CPAC Theater Schedule – Sponsored by Citizens United Productions.” Three of the sixteen films scheduled for screenings are right up Frank Gaffney’s—and CPAC-approved Clifford May’s—alley.

They are:

Iranium”- Ali and I just posted our review of the film on Tehran Bureau. The film is the latest production from the Clarion Fund. Clarion–which appears to be an offshoot of the evangelist, ultra-orthodox, Jerusalem-based Aish-HaTorah– gained notoriety for mailing 28 million copies of “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” to swing state voters before the 2008 presidential election. “Iranium” contains similar themes to the Fund’s previous films, suggesting that a clash of civilizations is imminent and that anti-Semitism and irrational hatred toward Israel are key to understanding the anger and frustration voiced by Muslim countries in opposition to the United States.

America At Risk: The War With No Name” – A Citizens United Production starring Newt and Callista Gingrich. Talking Points Memo’s Rachel Slajda observed that “America at Risk” bears striking similarities to Clarion Fund films. “This is the end of times. This is the final struggle,” intones a narrator in the film’s trailer.

The Ground Zero Mosque: Second Wave Of The 911 Attack”— The documentary, executive produced by notorious anti-Jihad blogger Pamela Geller along with associate producer Robert Spencer, will document the anti-Park 51 Islamic community center campaign from last summer. The screening will be followed by “a question and action and strategy session on stopping the mosque.”

With films like these being promoted during the three day conference, it seems safe to say that Islamophobia and anti-Muslim propaganda will continue to find a safe haven at CPAC.

Eli Clifton

Eli Clifton reports on money in politics and US foreign policy. He is a co-founder of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. Eli previously reported for the American Independent News Network, ThinkProgress, and Inter Press Service.



  1. What, no mention of cannoli king and Hoboken douchebag Buddy Valastro (of Carlo’s Bake Shop and TLC reality show fame) joining the proceedings?

    The CPAC schedule also includes a creepy 100th birthday celebration for former awful President and current dead guy Ronald Reagan, complete with a gigantic novelty cake made and presented in person by the very-talented and politically-malleable Valastro and his army of rice-krispy-treat-carving and chocolate-molding minions.

    Apparently, Valastro doesn’t care who he makes cakes for, or what kind of convention he attends, as long as the money and cameras are rolling.

    I traveled out to Hoboken last year during a blistering snowstorm just to get my wife a box of goodies from Carlo’s for her birthday – this year, I think I’ll find some treats elsewhere.

  2. Nima, there’s nothing wrong with making a buck off odious people. You might look up Calvin Russell’s song, “Rocking the Republicans” He expresses his trepidation over playing for the GOP.

    “We’re rocking the Republicans/I can’t wait to tell my ma I’ve been/Rocking the Republicans/Lord forgive me for my sins/It’s just a gig to pay the rent/peanuts from the elephant”

    Now Calvin is a Texas alt rock artist in his 60’s, a liberal libertarian which are, believe it or not endemic to Texas. Every ying has its yang, in Texas its the “cosmic cowboy”–the dope smoking outlaw that don’t wanna hurt nobody ‘cept your feeling, if they’re concerned about my personal feelings. But, you begrudge us making a buck off those appreciate our art, you deny us the chance to push back against these folk in their own way.

    Now, few are as ideological as you’d expect. You get a bunch of a-holes together, the room can get shitty. But, on their own, they have kids with problems, they are more balanced in their lives than they let on. It takes those of us who “wear our guns outside our pants for all the honest world to feel” to keep these people in check. I don’t know about that d-bag pastry chef, but don’t judge too strongly those of us who have to make a buck. You think your favorite pizza maker doesn’t sell to Wall St?

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