Israel Lobby Leadership Losing It

On the day when Israel’s ambassador, Michael Oren, met formally with J Street executive director Jeremy Ben-Ami for the first time, the right-wing leadership of what has come to be known as the “Israel Lobby” expressed genuine alarm that the… Continue Reading  

Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, Our Man in Kabul

Reprinted with permission of From Ngo Dinh Diem to Hamid Karzai By Alfred W. McCoy America and the Dictators The crisis has come suddenly, almost without warning. At the far edge of American power in Asia, things are going… Continue Reading  

Thomas Friedman’s Deep Thought of the Week

“As I have said before, friends don’t let friends drive drunk — especially when we’re still in the back seat alongside an infant named Democracy.” -Thomas Friedman, Attention: Baby on Board

The View from Mount Olympus

Reprinted with permission of Gods and Monsters Fighting American Wars From On High The Greeks had it right.  When you live on Mount Olympus, your view of humanity is qualitatively different.  The Greek gods, after all, lied to, stole… Continue Reading  

Réalité-EU and The Israel Project make their presence known at the nuclear security summit

Réalité-EU, a group linked to The Israel  Project, has been distributing USB drives to journalists outside the Nuclear Security Summit here in Washington.  The USB drives contain a “press kit” (PDF) for the summit.  Unsurprisingly, the kit is chock full… Continue Reading