More on the Likudist Fronts

Just to add a little to last month’s post, “Is the Pentagon Policy Shop Funding Likudist Fronts?”, on Devon Gaffney Cross’ London-based Policy Forum for International Security Affairs, Jeffrey Gedmin’s (?) Case for Freedom, and Anatol Sharansky’s, all of… Continue Reading  

More on J Street

For those interested in more about J Street, the new lobby group I wrote about Tuesday, I highly recommend an oped published in by the new group’s director, Jeremy Ben-Ami, entitled ‘For Israel’s Sake, Moderate American Jews Must Find… Continue Reading  

The Battle for McCain

(I apologize for not having posted in some three weeks. A trip to China, followed by various technical glitches that made it impossible to save postings, are mostly responsible.) Thursday’s New York Times has a useful front-page feature entitled “Foreign… Continue Reading