Is the Pentagon Policy Shop Funding Likudist Fronts?

Remember the curious and intriguing interconnections between One Jerusalem, a Likud/settler group chaired by Natan Sharansky, and two U.S-led “NGOs” with overlapping or interchangeable directorates — the “Policy Forum on International Security Affairs (PF)” and the newly minted “Case for… Continue Reading  

Perle, the New York Times, and Chutzpah

Marking the impending fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Sunday’s influential ‘Week in Review’ section of the New York Times asked “nine experts on military and foreign affairs to reflect on their attitudes in the spring of 2003… Continue Reading  

State Dep’t: Criticism of Israel = Anti-Semitism?

In the most recent edition of its annual “Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism” released Thursday, the State Department — and hence the U.S. government — moves ever more closely to a long-standing neo-conservative tenet: that criticism of Israel or Israeli policies often,… Continue Reading  

Fallon’s Fall Is Bad News

As much as I would like to agree with Steve Clemons and Chris Nelson, I think Adm. Fallon’s resignation is very bad news, less because it signals war with Iran, as a few analysts have argued (although it certainly makes… Continue Reading  

Problems at Freedom’s Watch?

The Washington Post has a brief item Sunday indicating some major staff turmoil at Freedom’s Watch, which has appeared to be a spin-off of the well-endowed Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC). Its president and CEO, Bill Blakeman, has abruptly resigned, and… Continue Reading