Gates as Man of the Year

It was last June that Roger Morris’s brilliant, three-part profile — or, more accurately, indictment — of Robert Gates’ career appeared on the always-excellent website, concluding that the situation in which the defense secretary found himself some eight months… Continue Reading  

Monroe Doctrine Under Siege by Iranians

Remember when Ronald Reagan warned more than 20 years ago that Soviet- and Cuban-backed revolutionaries were just “two days’ driving time from Harlingen, Texas?” Well, the folks at Commentary, now under the editorship of John Podhoretz, are busy raising a… Continue Reading  

Krauthammer Joins Frum and Kristol

Charles Krauthammer has joined David Frum and Bill Kristol in concluding (bitterly) that the Iran NIE has made it impossible for George W. Bush to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities before the end of his term. Writing in his Washington Post… Continue Reading  

Frum Joins Kristol in Reluctantly Ruling Out Iran Attack

Just to note that, in his weekly column for the National Post of Canada Wednesday, David Frum appears to agree with Bill Kristol that the NIE has made a U.S. attack on Iran before the end of Bush’s term highly… Continue Reading  

U.S. Jewish Community Still Hawkish on Israel

I wish I could take as much comfort in the results of the American Jewish Committee’s (AJC) 2007 Annual Survey of American Jewish opinion as Glenn Greenwald, but, unfortunately, I considered some of the findings quite disappointing, particularly when viewed… Continue Reading