I’ve been on a trip to Europe since last weekend and won’t be back in Washington until December 7. To date, I’ve met with former Washington colleagues Eli Clifton, Daniel Luban, and Ellen Massey in London — all of whom… Continue Reading  

R. Kagan Utterly Repudiates J. Kirkpatrick

Robert Kagan’s Thursday column in the Washington Post, entitled “Musharraf and the Con Game,” is quite noteworthy, if for no other reason than it marks the most explicit (and concise) repudiation of neo-conservative doctrine as laid out by the late… Continue Reading  

Pakistan Displacing Iran as Crisis of ’08?

It’s unquestionably premature to conclude that Pakistan may displace Iran as the most urgent foreign-policy challenge likely to be faced by the Bush administration next year, but it’s beginning to look like a distinct possibility. For evidence, see column in… Continue Reading  

A Compelling Answer to Horowitz, Podhoretz, Gaffney, etc.

A particularly cogent and concise answer to David Horowitz’s “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week,” as well as the fulminations of other neo-conservatives, such as Frank Gaffney and Norman Podhoretz, partial to the phrase, appears in Wednesday’s edition of the far-right Washington Times… Continue Reading  

FT Also Sees Pentagon Opposition to Iran Attack

In my last post, I argued that the release by the U.S. military of nine Iranians, including two of the five officials seized in Irbil last January, suggested that Pentagon chief Robert Gates and the administration’s “realist” wing was making… Continue Reading