Freedom’s Watch Bears Watching

It seems that last week’s full-page ad by Freedom’s Watch (FW) denouncing Columbia University for hosting President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the New York Times was the tip-off to what will clearly be a high-powered, high-priced, and well-orchestrated campaign to rally… Continue Reading  

George W. Bush: President, Dissident, Prophet

You can be certain that the Friday Wall Street Journal’s op-ed entitled “Jonah’s Dilemma” by Michael Oren and Mark Gerson made it onto Bush’s reading desk or nightstand some time in the last 72 hours. While the article appeared to… Continue Reading  

Notes on Clemons’ Salon Analysis

Steve Clemons’ article this week in Salon, “Why Bush won’t attack Iran,” offers, I think, a helpful corrective to what has been the growing conviction that has gripped anti-war critics and others that the administration is consciously moving toward war… Continue Reading  

Still Alive but PNG’d at AEI

This is just to assure readers of the site that I am still alive (having been first on a family vacation and then down with the flu), although I learned this week that I am once again persona non grata… Continue Reading  

Ledeen To Be Upstaged by Newt

It looks like the September 10 roll-out at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) of Michael Ledeen’s “The Iranian Time Bomb” (with James Woolsey and ret. Gen. Jack Keane) is going to be upstaged by none other former Speaker of the House… Continue Reading