Intelligence Community’s Assessment of Iran on Eve of 2003 Invasion

In an analysis that may still be pertinent on the eve of the long-awaited U.S.-Iranian talks next week on stabilizing Iraq, the U.S. intelligence community concluded just before Washington’s invasion more than four years ago that Tehran was prepared to… Continue Reading  

Neo-Cons To Plot Iran Strategy Amid Caribbean Luxury

For those of you who may be visiting the Bahamas next week, you may want to check out a private, off-the-record meeting of Gulf and Middle East specialists of a rather narrow ideological bent at Westin’s luxurious Our Lucaya Resort… Continue Reading  

Obama Lines Up Behind Neo-Conservative Campaign Against Iran

Neo-conservatives, some of whom have claimed to see hopeful glimmers in Sen. Barack Obama’s foreign-policy positions of the kind of interventionism that gets them excited , should be further heartened by the presidential hopeful’s sponsorship of a new bill that,… Continue Reading  

Tenet v. Perle II

In his latest blast at George Tenet published in Friday’s Washington Post, “How the CIA Failed America,” Richard Perle demonstrates once again why much of what he says or writes should be tested not only against a fact-based (as opposed… Continue Reading  

And Then There Was Woolsey…

A propos yesterday’s “Tenet v. Perle” post, it might be useful to note that James Woolsey, Perle’s colleague on the Defense Policy Board (DPB) and fellow-board member of any number of neo-conservative groups, was virtually ubiquitous on television and in… Continue Reading