Reading Iranian Minds


by Paul Pillar via The National Interest Many who offer opinions on policy toward Iran, and particularly on how to handle negotiations over its nuclear program, implicitly claim an unusual ability to read the minds of Iranian decision-makers. Assertions are… Continue Reading  

Israel’s Fraying Image and Its Implications


by Chas Freeman via the Middle East Policy Council It is a privilege to have been asked to join this discussion of Jacob Heilbrunn’s account of Israel’s fraying image. His article seems to me implicitly to raise two grim questions. The first question… Continue Reading  

A Modest Proposal Concerning the Rights of the Inhabitants of Persia


by Peter Jenkins In 1729, two years after the publication of Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, wrote a scathing satire on the English elite’s indifference to the plight of Ireland’s rural poor. The “modest… Continue Reading  

Syria Conference Offers Glimmer of Hope, Many Challenges


by Charles Naas At last the Obama Administration has found a reasonable Syria policy. The critics will continue to insist that the US provide arms to the rebels, but it will be difficult to get more traction for this while the… Continue Reading  

Congress Moves Toward Full Trade Embargo on Iran


by Jim Lobe via IPS News Congress moved closer here Wednesday to imposing a full trade embargo against Iran and pledged its support to Israel if it felt compelled to attack Tehran’s nuclear programme in self-defence. The Senate voted 99-0… Continue Reading