The Folly of an Expanded U.S. War in Syria


by Paul R. Pillar President Obama has repeatedly made adjustments to what he probably considered privately to have been the best U.S. policy toward armed conflicts overseas, as he has had to cope with the pressures from public discourse in… Continue Reading  

Islamic State: The Hour Has Struck


by Graham E. Fuller ISIS, with its horrific attack on purely civilian targets in Paris, has established new realities about its nature, capabilities and intentions. The need for its elimination can now no longer be in doubt. It is not… Continue Reading  

The Gulf Arabs Slip out of Dodge

Saudi_security_forces_on_parade_-_Flickr_-_Al_Jazeera_English_(11) (1)

by Paul R. Pillar With little notice and no fanfare, although the New York Times mentioned it the other day, the Gulf Arab states have withdrawn from significant participation in the war in Syria. This move involves in particular the air… Continue Reading  

Turkey and the Kurds: The Question Mark at the Heart of the Region


by Graham E. Fuller Predictions among Turkey-watchers about the outcome of Turkey’s 1 November elections were mostly wrong—including my own— as Erdogan managed to regain majority control of Parliament. Anxiety over potential political and social chaos played a significant role… Continue Reading  

Iran’s Position on the Arms Trade Treaty

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by Emma Scott The “axis of evil” club portrayed by George W. Bush in 2002 no longer exists. Iran has now famously exited from the group leaving bad boy Kim Jong Un all alone. But the two countries still share… Continue Reading