Murdoch Goes After Condi, Urges Blockade Against Iran

There was considerable speculation in press circles when he took over the Wall Street Journal that Rupert Murdoch would make the newspaper’s editorial positions a little bit more mainstream and a little less neo-conservative than they had been, if for… Continue Reading  

Neo-Cons Silent on Hagee Repudiation by McCain

One would have expected at least some debate among neo-conservatives about last week’s repudiation of Christian Zionist Rev. John Hagee by Sen. John McCain, but the silence to date has been positively deafening. Virtually nothing has appeared in the National… Continue Reading  

The Chalabsey Twins*

Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman have been traveling around the country together repeatedly charging that Sen. Barack Obama’s foreign-policy ideas are “naive” and even “reckless.” But what they hope their audiences will forget is that both of them were… Continue Reading  

Building a Case for Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Sites

Amid renewed speculation after President Bush’s Knesset speech last week that he may yet order an attack on Iran before he leaves office, particularly if Sen. Obama should win the November elections, it appears that the Washington Institute for Near… Continue Reading  

Policy Forum Dead, Too?

Another hard-line neo-conservative group — and one that received a nearly $80,000 grant from the Pentagon just last September — may also have died. In fact, its effective demise may actually have preceded the the grant’s approval by the office… Continue Reading