Washington and Riyadh: Fading Memory of 9/11?


by Emile Nakhleh The terror attacks of 9/11 have become a distant memory in US-Saudi relations. Washington’s recent multi-billion American arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, its continued coddling of the Saudi regime, and the absence of American moral… Continue Reading  

Attacks in Iran: The Enemies of My Enemies


by Fatemeh Aman As Iran fires missiles into Syria as part of its “crushing response” to the perpetrators of the recent unprecedented terrorist attacks in Tehran, these attacks can also have an enormous impact on Iran’s internal politics. They could… Continue Reading  

Does Qatar Really Threaten the Gulf?


by Graham E. Fuller The tiny Gulf state of Qatar is today under harsh siege from nearly everybody in the Middle East, and portrayed as a “supporter of terrorism.” The US has bought into the mantra. What’s really going on… Continue Reading  

Gulf Crisis: A Battle for the Future of the Muslim World


by James M. Dorsey A Saudi and UAE-led campaign to force Qatar to halt its support for Islamists and militants is little else than a struggle to establish a Saudi-dominated regional order in the Middle East and North Africa that… Continue Reading  

Saudi Ambitions Threaten to Inflame Middle East


by Shireen Hunter Saudi Arabia has once again been flexing its muscles in the Persian Gulf, partly encouraged by the Trump administration’s full embrace of its regional views and policies. First came the spat with Qatar, supposedly over the latter’s… Continue Reading