Israel: On the Way to a Theocratic State


by Israel Rafalovich Israel is facing a rise in the influence of ultra-orthodox Jews. Their effort to impose their strictly conservative worldview has led to growing tensions with the country’s secular society. Radical rabbis are expanding their influence particularly when… Continue Reading  

Will FIFA Give Israeli Settlement Clubs a Yellow Card?


by Hugh Lovatt and Martin Konecny On Thursday, May 11, FIFA holds its 67th annual congress in Bahrain’s capital Manama, bringing together its 211 member state associations. As FIFA’s legislative body, the congress is due to address a number of… Continue Reading  

West Bank Demolitions: On the Way to Annexation


by Natasha Roth Demolitions of Palestinian structures in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 2017 have so far continued at much the same rate as in 2016, a year in which Israel destroyed a record number of buildings in… Continue Reading  

The Real Impact of UN Resolution 2334 Has Yet to Come


by Shemuel Meir UN Security Council resolution 2334 caught Prime Minister Netanyahu off guard. Out of the clear blue sky. From a territorial perspective, which is the heart of 2334, the Security Council resolution represents an escalation in the way… Continue Reading  

Times Finally Realizes: Netanyahu Doesn’t Care What Obama Thinks


by Lisa Goldman The New York Times editorial board has realized, about a decade too late, that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not care what the Obama administration — or any U.S. administration, for that matter — thinks about his policies… Continue Reading