Iran’s Sunni Neighbors Seem Unconcerned About Nuclear Program


by Jim Lobe For all the talk about Iranian imperialism and the Sunni-Shia divide throughout the Middle East, the predominantly Sunni Muslim publics of at least some of Iran’s neighbors don’t seem too concerned about Tehran’s nuclear program.

Iran Deal: Key Excerpts of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action


by Jim Lobe In the interests of providing information that can promote hopefully rational debate on a key issue, we are presenting below “key excerpts” of the JCPOA announced today in Vienna as released by the State Department.

A Long Road Reaches Iran Deal, But No Guarantees Going Forward


by Jasmin Ramsey A historic deal on Iran’s controversial nuclear programme was announced today during the early morning hours in Vienna over a decade after talks between Tehran and world powers began.

POLL: Iranian Public Opinion on Nukes, the U.S., Politics


by Jim Lobe  A major new poll of Iranian public opinion with important and fascinating results was released here and in Tehran Tuesday and deserves much more attention than it is likely to get (at least in the United States).… Continue Reading  

The Nuclear Crisis Nobody Mentions


by George Kenney Those congressmen beating the war drums against Iran have reached new heights of hypocrisy considering their total disregard for the more dangerous, more immediate problems created by Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. It is noteworthy and also downright strange… Continue Reading