Global Disorder- What Are the Options?

"Old Glory Stallion51 11Aug2010 (14960890866)" by Valder137 - Old_Glory_Stallion51_11Aug2010. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

by Graham E. Fuller Global disorder is on the rise. What can the US do about it? There are two fundamentally different approaches one can take—it all depends on your philosophy of how the world works.

Dark Signs in the Persian Gulf


by Graham E. Fuller   The political and economic assault against Qatar by a Saudi-led coalition so far shows no signs of succeeding in bending Qatar to its will. More seriously, it raises ominous signals for the future of geopolitics… Continue Reading  

Fall of the Islamic State: A Landmark in Muslim History


by Graham E. Fuller  The fall of the primary ISIS stronghold in Mosul in Iraq represents a turning point strategically, politically, ideologically and even religiously in the Muslim world. Mosul has been the largest symbolic center of the ISIS “Caliphate”… Continue Reading  

 Is Trump “Objectively Progressive?”


by Graham E. Fuller  What on earth does “objectively progressive” mean—and how could Donald Trump be viewed as a “progressive” of any kind? It may have been Karl Marx who first used the term—in a way that turns reality upside… Continue Reading  

Does Qatar Really Threaten the Gulf?


by Graham E. Fuller The tiny Gulf state of Qatar is today under harsh siege from nearly everybody in the Middle East, and portrayed as a “supporter of terrorism.” The US has bought into the mantra. What’s really going on… Continue Reading