Israeli Arms Manufacturer Alleged To Have Attacked Armenia From Azerbaijan


by Joshua Kucera Officials from an Israeli arms manufacturer fired two drone missiles from Azerbaijan into Armenian-held territory, according to a complaint under investigation by the Israali Ministry of Defense. According to the allegations — which have been denied by… Continue Reading  

Xinjiang: Uighurs Grapple with Travel Restrictions


by Gary Sands Ethnic Turkic-speaking Uighurs in China have long faced restrictions relating mainly to the practice of their religion, Islam. Now, under new regulations implemented last fall, their ability to travel apparently is being restricted, with residents of western… Continue Reading  

Putin the Historian


by Igor Torbakov According to a number of biographical accounts, history was Russian President Vladimir Putin’s favorite subject in school, and he appears to retain a keen interest in history right up to the present day. If we are to… Continue Reading  

Do Project Cancellations Indicate Declining US Interest in South Caucasus?


by Michael Hikari Cecire US President-elect Donald Trump has canceled his real estate projects in Georgia and Azerbaijan. The moves suggest that the US role in the South Caucasus may decline during Trump’s administration. The Trump Organization, Trump’s real estate… Continue Reading  

Russia’s Colonial Allergy


by Alexander Morrison “The history of Russia is the history of a country that colonizes itself.” This phrase, first coined by the historian Sergei Solov’ev in the 1840s, gained widespread currency thanks to Vasilii Kliuchevskii’s Course of Russian History, first… Continue Reading