Opaque Strategy and U.S. Troops in Eastern Europe


by Paul R. Pillar  U.S. military deployments to Eastern Europe are being ramped up. The latest word as reported by the Wall Street Journal is that regular rotation of brigade-size forces, with the most modern equipment, will bring a de facto… Continue Reading  

The Opportunity of the Syrian Ceasefire


by Robert E. Hunter Reduced fighting in Syria provides a respite in which the US government can rethink the total compass of its policies toward the Middle East, Europe, and Russia. This is long overdue.

NATO Ambivalence and Stashing Weapons in Eastern Europe


by Paul R. Pillar The U.S. Department of Defense reportedly has plans to place tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and other heavy weapons in the Baltic countries and elsewhere in Eastern Europe. It is easy to see what this is about.… Continue Reading