Open Letter from Iranian Civil Society Activists and Intellectuals on the Nuclear Deal


by Masoud Adib and others This letter from Iranian civil society activists and intellectuals to the American people appeared last month on the website of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Denver.

The Glimmers of a New Afghanistan?


by Ann Jones I went to Kabul, Afghanistan, in March to see old friends.  By chance, I arrived the day after a woman had been beaten to death and burned by a mob of young men.  The world would soon… Continue Reading  

Q&A: “The Israeli Boycott Movement Is Not Anti-Semitic”


via IPS News Rabbi Brant Rosen leads a congregation in Evanston, Illinois and is author of the new book, Wrestling in the Daylight: A Rabbi’s Path to Palestinian Solidarity. Speaking with Mitchell Plitnick, Rosen, co-chair of the Rabbinical Council of Jewish… Continue Reading  

Fox hones in on Iran at State Civil Society Initiative Briefing

The Fox News Channel has been going after Iran pretty hard lately. In only the past few weeks, Fox has done at least two interviews promoting the settler propaganda movie “Iranium,” which, according to the host of a New York… Continue Reading  

Coville: Sanctions ‘weakening’ civil soc., ‘reinforcing’ regime

The former-Tehran correspondent of the New York Times (and current Nieman Fellow at Harvard) Nazila Fathi has a post up at her new blog pointing to an article on the World Policy Institute blog by Thierry Coville of the Institut… Continue Reading