Understanding Netanyahu’s Rejection of the Arab Peace Initiative


by Mitchell Plitnick On Monday, just two weeks after saying that he accepted the “general idea” of the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative (API), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected it as a basis for talks with the Palestinians. This rejection… Continue Reading  

Human Rights Double Standard: Iran and Saudi Arabia

... Human Rights

by Shireen T. Hunter   The question of how to help promote human rights globally has always had a political dimension. States often press these issues in the case of those countries of which they disapprove and ignore or downplay… Continue Reading  

Saudis Exert Pressure to Escape UN Backlist


by Thalif Deen Saudi Arabia, which is leading a military coalition accused of indiscriminate bombings in war-ravaged Yemen, has escaped a UN “list of shame” for its dubious role as a serial violator of children’s rights in its ongoing military… Continue Reading  

Silencing Critics of Israel


by James J. Zogby Israel doesn’t accept criticism. In fact, whether from friend or foe, even mild criticism is viewed as an existential threat prompting Israeli officials to unleash a torrent of abuse in an effort to silence and/or punish… Continue Reading  

Iran’s Position on the Arms Trade Treaty

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by Emma Scott The “axis of evil” club portrayed by George W. Bush in 2002 no longer exists. Iran has now famously exited from the group leaving bad boy Kim Jong Un all alone. But the two countries still share… Continue Reading