Trump Administration Sees Bahraini Crisis Through Saudi Lens


by Giorgio Cafiero Throughout 2017, Bahrain’s six-year-old crisis has sharpened. Political space is narrowing as the authorities in Manama have upheld the dissolution of al-Wefaq Islamic Society (the country’s dominant Shi’ite opposition society) and kept its leader, Ali Salman, in… Continue Reading  

Bahrain Arms Sales Belie US Commitment to Human Rights


by Emile Nakhleh The New York Times reported last Thursday that the US State Department has decided to lift human rights as a condition for the sale of F-16 fighter jets and other weapons to Bahrain, a small, Sunni, family-ruled… Continue Reading  

Bahrain and “Iranian-Backed Terrorism”


by Emile Nakhleh In a recent article, Matthew Levitt and Michael Knights of The Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) highlighted Iranian support of “terrorism” in Bahrain and suggested a future path for the country “balancing security and human… Continue Reading  

Bahrain’s Unending Repression: Enough Already!


by Emile Nakhleh The al-Khalifa ruling regime’s decision to strip Sheikh Isa Qasim of his Bahraini citizenship on a trumped-up and patently false charge is yet another example of the ruling family’s deepening repression. This respected Shia cleric has always called… Continue Reading  

The Price Bahrain Pays for Saudi Assistance


by Cinzia Bianco and Giorgio Cafiero The Saudi government’s execution of Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr in early January met with an angry response from Shiites in Bahrain, where protestors and police engaged in violent clashes. The Saudi-Iranian diplomatic spat that… Continue Reading